Dirty Talking Women and MILFS

dirty talking womenDirty talking women have dirty lives too. I love being a slut wife in New York City. I have access to all kinds of men, even during a health crisis. I live in a brownstone across from part of Central Park. Not a day goes by that the park is not full of hunky horny men. Some are boys. If you have a hard cock to fuck me with, I do not care about your age. I fuck my sons, but they are not so young anymore. Not that I still do not fuck them. Of course, I do. I need cock. I want cum. Plus I like taboo fucks.  Yesterday, I was taking a walk through the park getting some sunshine and exercise. I saw plenty of people, many in masks. It was cold, so I was walking briskly. I needed to get laid though, so when some young teens started cat calling, I paused in my step to engage in some flirty banter. Banter turned into coming back home with me to fuck. Damn, I took home three teen boys and I loved every moment of it too. Beautiful hard teen cocks for all my fuck holes. One for my mouth, ass and pussy. I can multitask. I do love New York because men are always down to fuck a sexy phone sex milf like me.

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