Dirty Talking Women and Mommies


dirty talking womenDirty talking women who are mommies and milfs are in high demand. I love being a dirty mommy. I was raised by a dirty mommy. My mother fucked my brother and when I found out, I got to watch. My mom taught me that it was a mommy’s duty to take care of her horny sons. My mom only had one son, but I have two. And they are my little mother fuckers. They love fucking mommy and mommy loves fucking them. Honestly, I do not think anyone has fucked me better than my sons. They are young still, so their cocks are not full-grown. But they take direction well and they are always down to fuck me. They have amazing stamina, and they want to please mommy. Last night, mommy pleased them. They could not sleep. They were horny. As they were trying to sleep, their dicks were trying to party. Mommy to the rescue. I crawled into bed with them and sucked their hairless dicks. Did not take long for them to fall asleep after they came. They wanted to take care of mommy, but they had school the next day. They needed sleep. I rubbed my clit as I slobbered on their cocks. Feeling their hot seed fill my tummy was all I needed to be able to fall asleep too.


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