Dirty Talking Women and No Limits

dirty talking women

There’s a new family in town and I cannot wait to have them over. The wife is just about my age and from what I hear, she is highly religious. Like, so religious that she didn’t even kiss her husband with tongue before they were married. I don’t know if that’s true, but what the fuck?! How could you marry a girl when you don’t even know if she’s a good kisser or not? He must really love her. But you know, I bet she’s really fucking boring in bed and that’s why I am going to seduce her husband.

Of course, when they initially come over, I’m going to serve them lemonade with my famous cumsicle ice cubes in them. But one day, I’m going to act really innocent when I see him out in the street and ask him if he can help me get something out of the attic because it’s too heavy for me to carry. When I get him alone, I’m going to corner him, drop down to my knees, and start sucking his cock. He won’t stop me because you KNOW his prude ass wife doesn’t do that. If you want to hear more from one of the sluttiest dirty talking women ever, call me!

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