Dirty Talking Women and Shemales

sirty talking womenDirty talking women can be shemales too. I was born a man, but I live my life as a woman now. Before I transformed myself into the beautiful goddess you see in my pictures, I tried being a gay boy. I had a secret high school boyfriend. I was not ashamed or embarrassed because I was out. Everyone knew I was different. It was my lover who needed to be secretive. He was the star athlete and most popular boy in school. And he was on the downlow. I would tarnish his all-American image if folks knew he liked to get a hardcore ass fucking from another boy. I have always embraced my sexuality. That relationship was doomed. But being his dirty little secret inspired me to become a woman. I was a girl trapped in a man’s body anyway. I had other relationships that were similar. Every one of them, however, thought they could only be seen with me if I looked like a girl. It was not that they even knew what a shemale was or were telling me to have a sex change. It was just that they did not identify as gay, so if I looked feminine, they could still feel macho while getting ass fucked. I did not think I was gay necessarily, I just loved fucking a tight ass. I felt like a girl but looked like a man. So, when I turned 18, I got boobs, started the hormones, and became a sexy shemale domination porn star.  I still fuck men. I am still a dirty secret but now I can be seen on a lover’s arm in public and no one knows I have a ten-inch cock in my panties. If you like shemale phone sex, I am Carla. I have been like a girl for almost 15 years.

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