Dirty Talking Women and Shemales

dirty talking womenDirty talking women can be transexuals too. I doubt you will find too many shemales who are not dirty talkers. We were born for this world of adult entertainment. I tried to have a normal job, but no one took me seriously. When they found out about my package, they got cock-curious. Just like you did when you saw my pictures, right? I am a sexy shemale. My cock was meant to be seen. I love showing off my sexy body online and talking dirty to shemale seekers. A few things about this special dirty talker. I have a big cock and I am in charge. I am a dominant tranny. A top almost always. The only men who can bottom me are guys with cocks my size or bigger. I am no bitch though. I will give you a better virtual ass fucking than anyone would in person. I love fucking all kinds of men, but small dick losers are my favorite. I love to show off my big cock and fuck a tight ass. Married men are another favorite of mine. They spoil me and I fuck them. I give them the ass pounding they crave. I am the dirty little secret of many married dudes. Dirty talking is not just for women. It is for sexy shemales too.

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