Dirty Talking Women Are Ageplay girls

Dirty Talking Women

Dirty Talking woman are Ageplay girls who love doing Rape phone sex fantasies about young bald cunts. The first time I had the chance of playing with a bald cunny was so fun. My oldest grandbrat wanted me to give her a bath, she said she was crusty. When I got her naked, she had what looked like dried cum on her pussy mound and on the inside of her thighs. She wanted me to wash her, so I did and as my hands ran over her pussy washing it, she wiggled hard on my hand and fingers. She looked like she wanted to cum, that is why I took her out and into my bedroom. I called my boyfriend into the room and had her legs spread open. He walked in and after he saw her spread open, he pulled his big dick out and rubbed it on her cunny. He didn’t stop rubbing it on her bald cunt until he came. His dick pumped all his nut all over her cunt and that is when I knew he had done that before. she loved it and wiggled on him until I saw her body tense up and i knew had cum too. 

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