Dirty talking women are always free and uninhibited

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are always free and uninhibited don’t you think? If you are dirty enough to talk the talk it stands to reason that you would walk the walk too am I right? I know that in my case that is certainly very true, I am just as dirty in person as I am on the phone so when Johnny came to see me the other day he left here a very happy and thoroughly satisfied man. He has a beautiful cock, it’s big and think and oh so fuckable so I was all over him as soon as he walked in the door. I just couldn’t wait to get my lips wrapped around that big fat cock, I wanted to feel it hitting the back of my throat so bad! I swallowed the whole thing and let him fuck my mouth like it was a pussy then he picked me up put me against the wall and slid that giant cock balls deep in my dripping wet pussy and fucked me till I squirted everywhere. It was amazing!

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