Dirty Talking Women are BBWs Too

dirty talking womenDirty talking women can be full-figured girls. This sexy BBW loves to get dirty. I am a far cry from a delicate flower. Nothing offends me. I met a handsome married man at Starbucks over the weekend. I was cursing up a storm because I could not find my phone which had my app on it. He paid for my drink and escorted me outside. He gets a boner for a foul mouthed bbw. It was my lucky day. His too because I love a man who accepts me as I am. I can be such a foul-mouthed woman. I invited him home. He made me horny with his compliment. I knew I made him horny because the evidence was in his pants. A huge tent that needed taking care of pronto. We never made it my place. We did make it to the back of my car like horny teenagers fucking for the first time. Normally, I require longer than 5 minutes of knowing a man before fucking his brains out, but my pussy was wet, and his cock was hard. Why waste time getting to know each other, right? When you are horny, you are horny.

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