Dirty Talking Women are Cum Whores

dirty talking WomenDirty talking women are cum whores too. Look at my face? That is how I start off every day. I love to be coated in cum, especially if it is boy cum. I have three horny boys. They are all teen boys now, which means I struggle to keep up with them. They are back in school now, which means my pussy gets a break during the day. I love my boys and I love the fact that they want to fuck me 24/7, but they can drill me for what seems like forever. Do you remember the days when your cock was awake before you? If you had a sexy mommy whore like me, you would be fucking her 24/7 too. This picture is from this morning. I was tired from the night before. They are old enough to get themselves off to school and take care of their cocks, so I told them to let me sleep. They are slaves to their hormones, which means they didn’t listen to mommy. They came into my bedroom like gangbusters and circle jerked on me. They figured it was fine since they weren’t fucking me. Talk about a wake-up call. Hot boy jizz on my face and boobs woke me up quickly. I am a good mommy, so no matter how tired I may be, I will always take care of my sons.

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