Dirty Talking Women are Dirty Whores

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are the best in bed. If you talk like a sailor, you are uninhibited in the bedroom. Trust me, men tell me all the time that I am the best fuck of their lives and that I have the filthiest mouth ever too. I love letting men know what I am all about. I say things like fuck my cunt. Cum in my ass. Share me with your friends. I am no limits. I get high and I fuck. Dirty should be my middle name. It is how I live my life. Here is an example of how fucking dirty I am. Last night, I fucked my son. He dumped all sorts of cum inside me, then left. I wanted more, but he was gone. I did not shower. I just got in my car and drove down to the truck stop to party with black truckers. They have the best dope and the best cocks. None of them cared that I had a pussy full of cum either. My son’s seed was dripping down my legs when I got gang banged by 4 nigger dicks. I did lines of coke off those dicks and then I drained them dry. Now my pussy had four more loads of cum inside me. I was still horny. I called my daughter to come over and bring her new boyfriend. She knows what a cum dumpster whore her mother is, so she never minds sharing her boys with me. We have always shared men, even her brother. They were waiting for me when I got back. I was walking funny because 4 hung studs fucked me good. I sat on the couch and let her clean up my messy cunt before her new beau nailed me. That is just one day in the life of a dirty phone talk whore.

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