Dirty Talking Women are Dirty Whores

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are what you need. I am a phone sex slut, fetish model and dirty stripper. I am the epitome of dirty. I love being a dirty woman. Last night at the strip club, this fat cat hired me for the VIP lounge. He liked my blonde bimbo look. I liked his fat wallet.  I don’t care what a man looks like if he has a huge wallet. He wanted to piss on me. I was happy to except his golden nectar in my mouth and on my body. I told him water sports cost more, but money was no object. He laid a few more bills down on the table, and I laid on my back. He stood over me pissing all over me. His piss felt like warm water, warm salty water. I got some in my mouth, but I didn’t grimace. I knew if I drank his piss like it was fine champagne, it would get me a fat tip. I got a couple fat tips. The first one was his mushroom head dick up my ass. He took a long pee up my ass. It felt like a wave of warm water being shot up inside me. The second fat tip was $500 on top of the grand he paid me to be his urinal. I am more than a dirty talker. I am a dirty whore too.

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