Dirty Talking Women are fatty sluts

Dirty Talking Women are hot chubby sluts. I am the best at talking dirty because I do what I say. All sugar daddies use me like a fuck doll. Especially my big tits. They want to fuck and cum all over them. “Make sure you get my dripping precum” my sugar daddy loves to say when I’m using my tits on his cock. After that he spanks my big juicy ass and as it jiggles he strokes his cock right on it.

Dirty Talking Women

He drips his precum right on my pussy and asshole. “Perfectly lubed up and ready to ve fucked” he says while pushing his cock in my fat cunt. “Fat bitches always feel so wet and gooey” he says as he pushes his cock deep in my fat cunt. After some fast pounding, he starts slapping my jiggling tits a bit.

“Fat bitches fucking is such a fun time, you guys jiggle all over” he says as he pulls on my big boobs. “Milk me you secy cum cow” he moaned out as his balls smacked my cunty while he fucked me. So I started bouncing my ass back on him even faster. That did it “I’m about to cum” he moaned out. Then his balls started emptying into my fat pussy as his cock pumped all his semen inside me. Dirty phone talk always gets me in good trouble.

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