Dirty Talking Women Are filthy Mommies

Dirty Talking Women

Dirty talking women are everything from tiny harlots to filthy and perverted mommies. I happen to have a thing for breastfeeding and having sex with teen boys. Predominantly my own sons and their friends. But I do love my girl’s cunnies. Incest doesn’t bother me as I grew up in a very sexually open home. Now, you say they are a lot of people sexually open, but what I am talking about is our legs were open for some daddy and uncle cocks, a lot!

Now I am the kind of mommy that will survey any situation to see if I can get pleasure out of it.  My son bringing over a new date to meet me… Oh, I wanted that hot little body. I am a very proud bisexual woman. My husband (R.I.P.)  and me had a girlfriend for many years. Something about having a pussy to lick as she is getting fucked drives me insane. I find that carried over to my young fuck tots. Watching my sons not only experience my Milf Cunt But fucking little sisters as I licked them drives me wild.

Now, back to this sweet hot thing my son brought home. She is a couple years younger than him and has perky tiny tits.  And yes, I am as open in real life as I am when I have dirty phone talk with my pervert men. I sat on the kitchen table and told her that her body was very sexy. I munched my apple and blurted that I would love to munch her carpet.  My son was embarrassed but his girlfriend was not. That made me open my legs right there and ask her if she ever ate pussy before? She looked back at my son and shrugged, she came over and said would I mind if my son fucked her while she ate my cunt. Not as long as he fucked mommy too!

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