Dirty Talking Women Are Freaks

dirty talking womenDirty talking women know how to bring out your deepest darkest freakiest self. A part of you that you may not even know exists. When I get a hold of you, I will mold you to be my plaything. A toy of sorts. Strictly for my entertainment, although you will also get satisfaction from it. Let me put you in a pair of panties and thigh highs. The feel of the nylon against your ass and cock will drive you wild. A sensation that you have never felt. Now put these thigh highs on. You like the way they grab your legs and hold them in. It is comforting isn’t it? Now pull those panties down and let me see your cock. Look at that? Is that some pre-cum forming? Look at that small stream attached to those beautiful pink panties. You look marvelous and I bet you feel taboo too don’t you? No worries, I will never tell a soul. I just want you to play with me. Have fun and get off with dirty phone talk.

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