Dirty Talking Women are Full of Dirty Stories

dirty talking womenDirty talking women drain your balls. I am a dirty MILF. I have been in the adult industry for decades. And I love it. As I have matured, I don’t strip or do porn like I use to, so being a phone whore was a logical choice for me. Honestly, it was the only job in the adult sector I had not tried yet.

Talk dirty to men, masturbate all day long, and get paid? It seemed like the perfect job for a former porn star and a stay-at-home mom. The other day, one of my callers knew me from my featured dancer days. I toured strip clubs all over the world. Made good money, met interesting people and garnered a lot of hot stories to fuel my phone sex career. And this caller fucked me in Detroit in the early 2000s when he was a rookie for the Detroit Lions.

As a Former Porn Star I Have Lots of Dirty Stories

Back in my porn days and stripping tours, I did a lot of coke. And although I was a mom, my husband took care of the little ones while I toured strip clubs. I was in Detroit for a week at a gentlemen’s club. Nice place even though it looked to be in the seedy part of town. And that is where I met my caller. Took a bit to jog my memory, but I remembered him.

One night, a group of pro athletes came into the club celebrating a bachelor party. And they liked me. So, they rented me for the night. I hung out with them in the limo and the VIP lounge of the club. We did coke and drank a lot of whisky. Did I mention these sexy athletes were black? Although I was not a virgin, I lacked BBC experience yet.

I wanted to fuck them, they wanted to fuck me. And they paid me well. I didn’t care about their pro athlete status. All I cared about were those huge cocks. We went to a swank hotel, got trashed and fucked. That night made me a fan of BBC. This occurred about 20 years ago. My life is not much different now. But I am a widow, and my offspring are teens and in their 20s now. I still strip. However, I rarely tour.

But I am full of wild stories with my family and random dudes I have met doing porn and feature dancing. Let’s have hot phonesex and I can share some of my taboo tales.

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