Dirty Talking Women are Grandmas Too

dirty talking womenDirty talking women can be grandmas too.  I have only gotten dirtier with age. I have a big brood of grand angels now. I play with them younger than I did with their parents. Young bald pussy taste so good and young cock fucks you so good. With summer here, I have more time to spend with my grand angels. I love all the time we spend together too. We had a pool party this weekend. The kind you would have died to join. All of us naked swimming around. I was fingering little bald slits, tonguing bald assholes and stroking little peters. My grand angels lick and finger back. I sat on the edge of pool. The sun was on my back. My legs were spread, and my grand angels took turns licking and fingering me. I was squirting on their angelic faces too. They drank up my granny juice like it was lemonade on a hot day. It was wicked hot out, but we were all enjoying being outside!

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