Dirty Talking Women are Grandmas Too

dirty talking womenDirty talking women can be grandmas too. In fact, I will argue we make the best dirty talkers because we have more years of experience. Take me for example. I am 60 now; a mother of six and the grandmother of seven young angels. My incest days go back to my youth with my brother. He was a couple years older than me, but I was the one that wanted to fuck. I always get my man too. My parents were oblivious to our sexual shenanigans, but my sons and daughters are fully aware of what I do to their offspring because I did it too them too. I think I have always preferred taboo fucking over normal fucking. It is just a hotter fuck. I can seduce anyone male or female, young or old. Look at me? I am one sexy woman with big natural breasts. Any man would love to fuck me. They want me even more when they are young because they know I have the experience to make them men. I taught all my sons and my grandsons how to eat pussy and fuck.  I even taught several of their friends.  I can teach you too.

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