Dirty Talking Women are Great Mommies

dirty talking womenDirty talking women give the best phone sex. I know I do. I am an anal sex mommy. Fuck. I am just a dirty mommy. I love being the kind of mommy who never says no to her horny offspring. Boys need a mommy who fucks them; especially when they are at a certain age. Young school boys have so much pent up energy. I don’t believe in things like ADHD and hyperactivity in small boys. I think all they need is a good fucking several times a day. Think about it. How much better at school would you have been if one of the teachers was blowing you mid way through your day? Or if your mother sent you off to school with a blowjob and Wheaties? It is a proven correlation that men who have more orgasms  are more successful in life. They are also less violent and angry. I feel  it is my duty as a mother to make sure my 3 boys do the best that they can in school as well as be happy well adjusted boys. I am a P mommy, but trust me, my boys are very grateful. Last week my son had several boys over to study for a big math test. Now I suck at math so I couldn’t help there. But what I could do, was drain their balls often so they could focus on learning and retain more knowledge. This was a major exam, so blowing their little cocks was not ball draining enough. I let them all train my ass. I was an anal gang bang mommy to my son and 6 of his friends. A mature woman’s ass drains boy cocks completely. All the young guys want the booty. I gave my son and his friends some MILF and cookies. They all aced their math test. Now the rumor is out that if you want to do well on a test, get your nuts drained by Mrs. Robinson.

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