Dirty talking women are his favorite

dirty talking womenDirty talking women were always a favorite of John, I think that’s why we clicked right away. He was so handsome, he really took my breath away. He was almost perfect, sexy and in great shape, wealthy and intelligent he was a total package… but he had the smallest dick I have ever seen in my life. Luckily for me tho, he knows that his dick is unsatisfying so he finds me big black cocks to fuck. He is always bringing me home some sexy man and all he wants to do is watch me fuck him. He cleans me up afterwords too and let me tell you, he is a pussy eating expert. He laps up all the cum and sucks my clit until I am cumming over and over. And the best part is that he is the most generous man I have ever met. He pays me so well every time he sees me, I think I may be in heaven!

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