Dirty Talking Women are Hot

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are hot, don’t you think?  A woman with a dirty mouth has a dirty mind too. I am the dirty milf in my neighborhood. I am the hot mommy all the young boys jack off thinking about. My neighbors especially want to fuck me. I fuck my own boys, so why not fuck other boys too? Tommy has been masturbating to my naked body for a few months now. He was home sick today, so I took him some chicken noodle soup and my hot body. His parents were at work, and I assured them I would check in on the lad. I drained the toxins out of his body with a deep throat blow job. I sucked on his hairless rod until he exploded in my mouth. He immediately looked like he felt better. Of course, no one feels bad after an orgasm. He was a virgin. Was. I gave him his first pussy. It won’t be his last time either. I enjoyed his young dick. I loved how he took direction and did what I told him to do. His parents can ask me to look after that young stud anytime.

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