Dirty Talking Women Are In Control

Dirty Talking Women

Dirty talking women like me are the rulers of men like you! In fact, you are not even men. I find your attempts to be manly ridiculous and hilarious. You are not a man. I think you are aware of this and will become my bitch boi so very easily. I want you on your knees and start at my feet to worship me. I’m Goddess Gemini and I am your new Mistress. Show me some appreciation boi! Kiss my boots. Do better! Lick them! Shine them with your mouth. Good boi. Now you have permission to look up at me. You like this body don’t you? My beautiful pussy? These tight pert titties? My long slim legs? Oh yes and my beautiful face. You are weak for me. It’s ok. I have the same effect on many. I want you to stand for me. That’s it stand up. I give you a kiss with my tongue in your mouth. You like that? You like the taste of another mans cum don’t you faggot? Yeah, taboo phone chat is what you wanted when you called me and well,take it like a good slut! I spit the wad from my lovers big cock into your cum dumpster mouth. He stands next to me smiling at you with his long black dick hanging down his leg. I see you haven’t been able to even keep from staring at his BBC. Back on your knees Boi! That’s right open up. I will squat over your face and piss out the rest of the cum that he pumped inside my cunt. Worship this beautiful pussy bitch boi. That’s right you will only get to taste me with another mans taste inside of my wet sloppy pussy. I know you love dirty phone sex and that’s why you call me.


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