Dirty Talking Women are made by brothers

A hot slutty milf like me was made and my brother helped. He would use me to finish him off whenever he was jacking off and being like the Dirty Talking Women he heard about . He secretly had watched daddy use me just the same. He must have been jealous that he didn’t get to me first, but daddy is the boss of the house. My brother finally got his chance when daddy went away for business. He didn’t wait long before getting me on my knees and making me suck his brother cock.

Dirty Talking Women

Daddy taught me how to milk him very well, that is why I was using my mouth just like daddy taught me. But my brother wanted more, he slipped my panties off real quick. He basically ripped them off. When my brother spread my legs his mouth was watering. He licked and sucked my pussy like he was starving for a meal. Before I could cum my brother jumped up and slammed his cock inside my sister cunty. He fucked me hard over and over begging for me to let him fill me up. I told him to do it then and he did. It was so much I could feel his cock pulsing and pumping inside me.

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