Dirty Talking Women are mommas who swap stories.

Dirty Talking Women               Dirty Talking Women are mommas who swap stories. To begin with when we swap stories there is always the understanding that we act out as much of it as possible. Playing with someone while chatting is to be sure a must do. Like sucking a cock. Going over how to open the throat. Down the cock. Having a cock on hand is a very good way to show just what we are talking about.

                Now there are so very many different positions and when we are chatting with each other it is very good to have videos, examples, and or a volunteer. To be sure, doing it with one of the other mommas in the group is a great way to both learn a new position and show how it works.

                How many here know what the waterfall is? For the most part it is a very easy position to do. On the positive side this is one position that other than some strength the men do nothing but lay there. On the negative side you need to hold the entire body weight of your partner on your groin and pelvis while she rides on you. Once more a positive point of fact is you have blood rushing to both heads at once.

                First you would have you legs to your knees on the bed. Then you would have your shoulders down onto the floor. I would mount you, taking your cock inside of my cunt or ass. Feet braced on the side of bed. Palms on waist or if a rider can free form it with the gripping of thighs and three point your fine cock riding you like any other stead.

                We’re Dirty mommas with our Phone sex stories.

                With this in mind as older mature women we have a very good idea how to teach you even more dirty and nasty things. Now if you have a devious and sexy momma like me. Then to be sure you are in for the ride of your life. In fact it will not always be easy and talk back isn’t a good idea. The mean momma can and will kick your ass. Also, will fuck that ass and teach you how to do a proper rim job.

                For the most part you will learn and have a lot of fun. Just don’t be shocked when I take control and make you cum harder than you have ever done before.

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