Dirty Talking Women are Mommies Too

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are so much fun. I have always had a potty mouth. I have always been a nymphomaniac. I was born for phone sex. Growing up, I use to shock my brothers with my dirty mouth. Not only did I talk graphically to them, I used my mouth to suck them off too. No one was shocked when I became a phone sex slut. It works well for me because I have so many dirty stories of incest that I needed a place to be able to share them. It is hard to keep your dirty thoughts and experiences to yourself. Of course, my family knows what a dirty sister and dirty mommy I am, but most people who meet me just think I am a sexy mommy. I must be careful who I tell about my love for young boys. I don’t look good in an orange jumpsuit. My sons struggle with keeping their mouths shut. They are fucking their hot mom. They want to brag. If I was your mommy and we were fucking every night, you would tell your friends too. My boys brag about their mom being a hot mommy phone sex slut too. That means their friends are looking at me on the Internet and reading my dirty blogs. They are proud of their dirty mommy. Would you be proud too if I was your mommy?

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