Dirty Talking Women are Mothers, Wives and Sisters Too

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are mothers, wives, sisters, daughters and aunts too. Most of us are the madonna and the whore all rolled up into one.  I know I am. Although, I do look like a slut and I have fake tits, I am a normal woman too. I know when to be a whore and when to be a soccer mom. Yesterday, I picked my sons up from a friend’s house. The parents were not around. Apparently, the parents went out of town, and my sons failed to mention that they were sleeping over at a home with no adult present.

My boys smelled like pot. They did not think I knew the smell. Please. I smoke sometimes too. The boy whose house it was pulled out his cock in front of me and my boys. His boldness startled me. I wondered if my boys said something about our incest fun. The boy appeared stoned out of his mind. But he was in lust. His words. My youngest said, “dude, that’s our mom.” They boy had a nice cock.

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Since no parental units were around, I blew him. I can be a fantasy mom. I love young boys. I just was not expecting to give a blowjob a teenage boy in his home with my boys watching. The boy was too stoned to remember it likely. I took my boys home to fuck. It was only fair. I mean it was not very motherly of me to blow their school friend in front of them. But then they know I am a mommy whore.


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