Dirty Talking Women are nasty aunties

Dirty Talking Women are nasty aunties. My sister caught her son watching aunty porn. “Can you help his curiosity?” She asked me. I’m a good aunty. Therefore I have him over to my house. “Mom told me she caught you jerking your cock to some nasty stuff” I said. “I’m sorry aunty I just think you are so hot” he responded. “All my friends think you are hot, ” he told me. “Well I will help your curiosity” I said as I started to undress.

Dirty Talking Women

Then I laid back, “lick aunties cunty and show me what you saw in the porn” I teased him and grabbed his head. Then I started grinding my pussy on my nephew’s face. “Lick and suck my pussy hard” I said as I fucked his face hard. “Show me all that you learned” I moaned out as he ate my cunt. Then my nephew stood up and said, “if you want me to really show you what I learned I have to sex your hole”.

“I was waiting for you to get brave enough to ask me” I teased him and said. So I grab his cock and push it inside my pussy hole. Then I wrap my legs around his waist. “Wow aunty it feels so warm and wet inside you” he moaned out. I knew it wouldn’t take much for him to get close to orgasm.

“Aunty I am cumming should I shoot you all over like in the porn?” He asked. So I squeezed my legs more so he couldn’t pull out of my pussy. After a bit I felt his cock start to spray me. “That is how you impregnate a pussy” I said. “Thanks for teaching me so much aunty” he said as he popped his cock out of me.

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