Dirty Talking Women are nasty grannies that make money of young cunt

Dirty Talk Women will sell their grandbrats to pervy cocks who love young grandbrats. I caught you stroking your cock to my brat and was able to bribe you and have you follow me home. “For a fee you can have what you have been wanting”  I wink at you and tell you how much you need to pay. You have dreampt about this for so long.

Therefore you pay me what I ask for. “Pull your cock out” I say as I undress my grandbrat. She is used to me using her and does whatever I ask for. “Now you can jack off in peace to the band cunty you need” I say while I giggle. After I say that you don’t waste any time and jerk off hard and fast in her face. “You see this big cock little slut” you say as you rub your prenut all over her face.

Dirty Talking Women

“Why don’t you bend over and spread your legs for me” you ask her. Then I help her bend over and spread her cheeks. Once you see her pussy you get close. The moment your cock feels the heat from her pussy on your dick, you explode all over her little ass. “Maybe next time you can feel it I say with a big smile on my face”. “That cost extra bit it is worth it” I tell you while you put your cock away.

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