Dirty Talking Women Are Naughty

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are also the naughtiest girls. We know what we want, and we want you to satisfy us. Like all the time. Our sexual appetite is enormous, and we need your cock to make us happy. Your tongue will do too love. So, imagine you coming home, and I am waiting for you, naked on the couch. My legs spread and my vibrator firmly against my swollen clit. Your dick is immediately hard, and I notice. I nod for you to come to me. I tell you to unzip your pants and I put that beast in my mouth. I take you deep in my mouth. I still hold the vibrator against my clit as I suck your cock. I lick the shaft and balls and then take you down my throat. All the way down. Like balls deep. You moan as I suck, and my pussy is soaking wet as I play with myself. As your balls tighten and your dick thickens, I know your warm goodness is about to be shot down my throat. As I feel the first stream, I orgasm myself. We both moan and I suck you dry. You would like that wouldn’t you? Now call me and tell me what you would do with me next? I fully expect dirty phone talk from you.

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