Dirty Talking Women are No Taboo Submissive Whores Too

dirty talking womenDirty talking women can be submissive whores too. I am a seasoned old whore. I am 40 now but just as submissive as I was when I was a little girl. My father tied me up and fucked me silly many times a day when I was just a schoolgirl. I thought I could leave my submissive life behind me when I grew up, but here I am still serving men. I have a master who is much older than me. He has been my master for almost 20 years, but I have a son who is 20 now. He has grown up watching his mother be a whore for everyone else, so as he grew older, he decided he should be able to fuck me too. He hates me most of the time. He is not my master, but he does own me. He had some friends over last night. They were drinking and doing pot and got horny. I was the only woman in the house, so that meant I was in trouble. They gang banged me. A cock was in every hole, sometimes I had two cocks in a hole at once. These were drunk boys with horny cocks.  I was hoping for drunk dick, but age was in their favor. They were drunk and hard. Hard enough to be able to fuck me for hours. I just laid there until they were done. I could not fight them. My son will smack me around if I give him any attitude. Sucks for me, but they eventually were done and left me in a pool of cum. Now, I am sore and just waiting for some one else to use me. Maybe that will be you? Think you are game to fucking abuse a dirty old whore?

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