Dirty Talking Women Are Often Bisexual

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are often bisexual. I am in my mid 50s and I am a dirty teacher. I teach college so I have access to many young girls. Young girls who need my tutelage.  Chole was in my Intro to Psych last semester. She is a cute girl. Smart too. What she needed help with was boys. She does not know her worth. She has had one loser frat boy after another, and those frat boys cannot please her. She needed an older woman, a mature woman. I have her under my wing now. Not only am I teaching her how to hook up with the right guys, but I am helping her cum. She loves having her sweet bald pussy licked. Most of her frat boy boyfriends are too drunk to return the favor. They cum and fall asleep. Me, however, I make her cum over and over again and stay awake so she can eat me. I love eating coed cunt. I love frat boy cock too, but I enjoy helping women understand their bodies. This milf phone sex slut understands female anatomy. Boys think they can just put the cock inside the pussy and it miraculously cums, LOL. I wish it was that easy. Chole is my star pupil now. Not only does she know how to orgasm, she knows that she deserves men with big cocks and skilled tongues and fingers.

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