Dirty Talking Women are P Mommies

dirty talking womenDirty talking women will keep you company over the holidays. Black Friday I was so busy on the phone. Busier than any other day of the year. Wives go out to spend money, and husbands are home alone and horny. Guess what? I was home alone and horny too. Well not all alone. I did have some little ones around with me. I am a P mom. I love talking to P men. And that is all I did yesterday, which was like heaven for me. Guys wanted to talk about young pussy. Some of my callers had experience with daughters, nieces or friends of their daughters. Most of my callers their dirty fantasies were just that. Fantasies. I do not judge. I love talking about bald slits and hairless dicks. I have over a decade as a dirty mommy. Now I am a dirty step grandma. I have plenty of young pussy for you. I love ageplay phone sex calls. Yesterday, was so fucking hot. I will gladly swap stories and experiences about young sluts all day with you. And I am happy to share all the naughty P stories I have with my little ones. Daddy and I both play with them. That means you can too.

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