Dirty Talking Women Are Perfect For Breeding

Dirty Talking Women are perfect for breeding. I love knowing my cunt will be filled up with gooey nut. I started being bred since I was young by my uncle. He told me he was filling me up so I can make more cum buckets like myself. I loved getting filled up over and over every day for the purpose to have my tits swollen with milk and a baby to cum out my cunt. When I’m pregnant I’m even more of a slut. The hormones get me even hornier. The last playmate I had knew I only wanted to use him for his cum and I wanted to get pregnant. I got on top riding him hard and fast for the whole purpose to make him nut and he knew it. So, he pushed me off him as soon as he felt he was about to cum, he wanted it to last. He then bent me over and took me from behind. As he pumped me, he told me since I wanted to act like a bitch in heat, he would fuck me like one.  Dirty Talking Women

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