Dirty Talking Women are Sexy

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are hot, right? You know what is hotter than 2 dirty talking chicks? Two dirty talking chicks who are related. Morgan and I are mommy and daughter. We talk on the phone together and  fuck together. The other day we felt really dirty so we went downtown to the local adult book store. We planned on getting some new toys, but this store had a glory hole room in the back. I was telling Morgan about glory holes, but she had never experienced one before. When I was a teen whore like her, I would go to the public park and get random dick through glory holes in the bathroom. It was so taboo and naughty, but I loved it. Not knowing what kind of dick would pop through the hole was as much fun as slurping on an unknown cock. Morgan and I went straight to the back when the girl at the counter said there were dicks back there just waiting on mouths.

We went in together. I knocked on the wall, so that the guy knew someone was waiting to give him head. Surprise for him, he was going to get two mouths. Well a huge fucking black anaconda slithered out of the hole. Morgan got all wide eyed like she had never seen anything so big. She is barely legal, she likely never had seen a cock that thick and long. I let her suck it first. She took his shaft, then I worked his big balls. He clearly knew there were two sluts in the room now. His cock retracted from the hole.  I was scared that we ruined our chance by being together in the room, but before we could get off our knees, there was a knock on the door. If you like threesome sex stories, here is one for you. Morgan and I shared that big black cock in the glory room of a seedy adult book store. He tore my daughter’s barely legal pussy up. He tore my asshole up too.

threesome sex storiesWe fucked him for a good hour. Got our fuck holes stretched out and filled with cum. We are going back again soon because we love being dirty whores.

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