Dirty Talking Women are Shemales Too

dirty talking women

Dirty talking women are shemales too. I talk like a sailor and fuck like a porn star. You see, I have a ten-inch tranny cock. That is a lot of cock meat. Too much cock meat to make me submissive to anyone. I am a dominant tranny. It does not matter if you want to give to me. I will force my dick in your ass regardless of what you want because I am no bitch. I will never be a bitch. Ask Louie. He thought he could fuck me last night. I brought him home from the club because I knew he needed a hardcore ass fucking. He saw how big my cock was and decided he was fucking me instead. I explained I am only a switch for a big cock and he did not have a big dick. He was a tiny dicked loser who needed a demonstration of who was really in charge. I was taller, stronger and had a bigger cock than Louie. It was easy to pin him down and make him scream for mercy. His asshole was tight. The tightest asshole I have fucked in a long time. I busted a few nuts in his ass. By the time I was done using him, he was a more willing slave. Sometimes, this sexy shemale just has to force her cock into a tight hole to make a man realize he wants to be my bitch after all.

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