Dirty Talking Women are Sissy Moms Too

dirty talking womenDirty talking women come in all ages and sizes. I am a fabulous 50 year old mommy. I am a rather dominant mommy. I am not the whips and chains kind of mom, unless my boys are very naughty. I have 3 adult sons from my first husband, and one younger boy from marriage number two. I have some daughters too. My oldest son has a secret life his wife knows nothing about. No, I am not the secret. She knows all about our family fun. What she doesn’t know is that my son is a closet sissy. He has a fantastic job, a hot wife and lots of friends. He is a corporate lawyer. He would lose clients, however, if it came out that he enjoys wearing women’s clothing and getting pegged in the ass by his mother. He started off as a phone sex sissy. He has been calling sissy moms for decades. He kept it a secret from me, until I busted him in my panties with my dildo up his ass talking to some dirty talking mommy years ago. I made him my private sissy maid. Every woman needs a sissy maid. He paints my toes. He does my nails. He runs my errands. He cleans my house. He is even in charge of keeping mommy’s pussy clean and trimmed. He wears little girly outfits around the house on our sissy play date days and I peg him in the ass with my strap on as a reward when he is a good sissy boy. He loves it when his mommy fucks his ass. You would never know once you meet my son that he is a total sissy boy. He keeps his special clothes and toys at my house. His wife is okay with him fucking his mommy, but some how being a sissy is a huge secret. Sound familiar?

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