Dirty Talking Women Are Sluts

dirty talking womenDirty talking women love to get you off. Like really love it. Like they make their entire career about just that. So, you know when you give us a call that we are as horny as you are. For example, I had this guy call me the other day raving about my massive chest. He described everything he wanted to do to me. From sucking on my nipples to titty fucking me. Now when you have tits as big as mine you can just pull them up and suck on them yourselves. So that is exactly what I did – I let him listen to my mouth around my tit. I heard him stroking as my tits became wetter with my spit. Then he said he wanted to titty fuck me. So, I pulled out a dildo and stuck it between my breasts, and described how I was licking the head as I pushed it between my chest. I could hear him stroking and moaning and he let me hear how wet his cock was. I was so horny that we talked of me laying back and him getting on top of me. Pushing his cock deep inside my legs. I fucked myself with my dildo imagining it was him on me. We played together for a while and we ended with us both orgasming. That baby is the best kind of dirty phone talk sessions.

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