Dirty Talking Women Are Sluts!

Dirty Talking Women
Let’s be honest, all dirty talking women are experienced sluts who can’t help but be super horny all the time. My cock is ten inches long, and yes I mean the one attached to my body. I was born with a nice, hard piece of sausage for you to choke on. What turns me on the most is a man who can both let me slide my massive meat stick down his throat like there’s nothing he loves more in the world, but also put his legs up on my shoulders and lets me drive this girl dick so deep up his shit chute he doesn’t know which was is up. I can handle a breedable submissive bottom like he’s my own little fuck toy. I know how to remind my little sissy faggot that this Queen is in charge, and my tits don’t make me worth less than a man. In fact, with a massive cock like this, I’m worth one hundred times more. And now that I’m ready to bust this fat fucking load right down your throat, are you ready to get your asshole gaped? My nuts are so fucking heavy and full of semen, I could coat you ten times over.

No Taboo Phone Sex

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