Dirty talking women are so hot!

dirty talking womenDirty talking women like me and Glenda are the best kind of women because we aren’t afraid to act on all of our dirty urges! Like yesterday for instance, there we were bored as fuck when suddenly the craving for a delicious snow cone hit us hard so we did what any fat bitches would do in that situation, we went out and got us some! Of course once we had those delicious snow cones in our hands we started thinking of all the dirty things we could do with them so as soon as we got back to my place the clothes came off and we started playing messy!

dirty phone talkI spread Glenda’s legs open and dropped some of my frozen treat right on her pussy, it was so cold that she gasped but as soon as I started licking it off of her she was all about it! We took turns licking that frozen goodness off each others chubby bodies and let me tell you, it was the hottest thing either of us had ever done! The only way it could have been better is if there were a few hard cocks there to fuck after!

dirty phone sex

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