dirty talking women are so naughty

dirty talking womenhot phonesexDirty talking women like me get in trouble everywhere they go. I have been taking tennis lessons for a while, and I have been so attracted to the new instructor. My husband lets me do whatever I want, and I get to shop and spend time being a hot housewife. I get bored, so I take lessons and go out and buy and spend his money. I love that he earns it and I get to spend it as I want. My cunt craves new cock, and I like to cheat on him every chance I get. My asshole and cunny get a new visitor every week. This week I got to fuck the instructor. I liked that he was a college hottie and had sexy athletic physic. My cunt was aching to get him deep inside me. After a few rounds, I invited him over to my house for some water and a snack. To no surprise, I got my hands on him and started to tease him like the whore I am. I felt so good knowing I could get away with cheating on my husband and fucking my young hot tennis coach.

I couldn’t believe my eyes the young stud had a big cock and it was all mines. Yummy I had to suck him off and taste all the precum. My asshole was needing to be pounded. I was on all fours, and I heard someone come in, but I didn’t want to stop. I was cheating, and I was being caught red-handed. I wasn’t going to let that cum go to waste. Regardless this was all I thought about during hot phonesex, and I was happy it was becoming a reality with the tennis cutie.

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