Dirty talking women are sometimes a little mean

dirty talking womenDirty talking women like me are not always nice, sometimes we are mean as fuck and as for me… well, I am pretty much always mean. Why should I be nice to little sissy bitches or cucky boys with tiny little dicks? It’s not like they do anything for me. Like Bernard for instance, he is a little sissy boy with a tiny little clitty and an appetite for big cocks and I am never nice to him. He keeps coming back for more tho, he is a total glutton for punishment. Last night I was very harsh with him because he woke me up. He was supposed to be out searching for big black dicks to suck and instead he called me non stop until I finally picked up and he said that he couldn’t find any! Can you believe that nonsense? As if he couldn’t find a cock to suck, men are always wanting their dick sucked! I was so pissed that he woke me that I went on a rampage and now he is one sad sissy sitting in a coke dealers house sucking dick for $5 a pop. He can’t leave till he pays me $500 so he will be sucking dick for a while!

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