Dirty Talking Women are subby sluts when lonely

Dirty Talking Women who are lonely and submissive need a gangbang for the new years. I don’t have a master right now. That is why I planned a gangbang with dominant men. “Come over and fuck me hard” is all i told them. “I need to be put in my place. First I want them to take turns spanking my bare ass. Even after it is red and swollen. Then I will get on my knees and each and every single one of their dicks.

Dirty Talking Women

“Choke on my cock you worthless slut” one of them said as he forced his cock so deep in my throat I could barely breathe. “Show me you have been trained before” he egged me on. “You better be ready to milk our dicks right” another master said as he rubbed his cock on my asshole. After that they egged the biggest dick in the room to fuck my cunt.

“Stuff her, she needs to be stretched open” they cheered as he aimed his big black cock meat towards my wet cunt. Once he was in my cunt i felt so stuffed. “The training you received has made you into a good whore” he said as he fucked me hard. Finally my mouth was getting filled with nut. I had to swallow fast because the next dick was being forced into my throat.

“Wow whore you are hungry for jizz” he said as he slid his cock into my mouth next. After that i could feel my cunt and ass getting semen pumped inside me and i braised myself for another set of dicks. It was going to be a night of cum loads and hard pounding up until the clock strikes midnight.

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