Dirty Talking Women are Submissive Whores

You need Dirty Talking Women to use. Submissive whore Eliana is the dirty girl you can use. Consider this. A tall, slender and flexible whore that you can own. Ownership of me means that you can truly dominant and control me.

Are you a strong and stern man that loves the thought of a slave for all your bodily pleasure needs? I am the one for you then! Let me just say that my desire to be desired and used are great.

Just last week I was owned for the week and my owner had his needs for me met. In fact I was just too good. I did not complain when it came to being his toilet. Rim jobs and ball washer. My mouth was for his pleasure.

On the final night of his owning me, he had a party. I was used as a urinal. Well my anus was. They had me set up with my ass open and a hundred guys pissed in the beer bong streamed into my anus.

Now, I wonder what ways you could use me…

Dirty talking women

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