Dirty Talking Women are the Best

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are the best. They are what you need too, especially while stuck at home. A virus and winter storms have many men at home. You do not have to be alone and horny when women like me exist. I am a sexy switch, which means I am good at being your slave, your accomplice, or your mistress. I love that I can switch in between roles so easily. Last night, I talked three hours with a sissy. It was so much fun. I am not a born sissy trainer, but I do love shaming little dicks and making sissies do all sorts of humiliating things. I had my sissy sing little songs like I’m a Sissy Girl to the tune of Barbie Girl from the 90s. I had her put on make-up and lingerie she borrowed from her wife. The best part, however, was making her bounce and suck on her wife’s hidden dildo. She did not even know her wife had a sex toy. All women over 30 have a Bob: a battery operated boyfriend.  She had never had anything up her back door before either. She was about to put it in raw, but I am not that mean. I had her find some lotion and work it slowly in. Honestly, it was so hot to listen to her sexy moaning noises as she came to life as a sissy girl. Maybe I can help you with a kinky fetish too?

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