Dirty talking women are the best

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are slutty. I like being a little slut at church. I love scouting all the sluts that are goody goods. I want to ruin them and degrade them. I first act like I am there best of friends. I like to make them believe I will be good friends with them. I am a chameleon and I can change in any scenario. I will pretend to be a preppy cute blonde if it helps me get closer to my target. Once I have you where I want you, I will annihilate you use you and abuse you. I like fucking you up slowly but surely. I make perfect whores out of the class pets and church girls. Pretty soon you won’t be attending bible study. You will be going to glory holes and getting your holes pounded as you should. I laugh at stupid sluts who think they are better than coke and cock. Life is all about good dick and getting fucked and being high as a kite.

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