Dirty Talking Women are the Best

dirty talking womenDirty talking women have the most fun. Trust me, I know. I am a dirty P mom. My husband made me the P mommy I am today. He is gone, but I am here to take the helms of this dirty family. I am a mommy in charge. When I want to cum, I summon one of my 6 brats to come take care of me. This morning, it was my oldest son. He came into my room with a 911 text. He was naked with a hard cock for mommy. He knows the family rules, however. Take care of mommy first and mommy will take care of you. I sat my pussy on his face. He loves licking the pussy he came from. He is my little mother fucker. I rode his face until I coated him in mommy juice. I love cumming on my offspring’s’ faces. Once he was coated in mommy juice, I let him fuck me. He filled me up with cum and I let my daughters lick it out. Incest is the best fun I will ever have. It is the best phone sex too.

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