Dirty talking women are the best kind of women!

dirty talking womenDirty talking women are the best kind of women… that’s what my daddy always told me and he knows everything. That’s why I love talking to horny men and telling them all the nasty things I do, they always get off and so do I! I have a real good new story for ya now too, I was at this family’s house babysitting their two youngest little brats when my friend John called me. He loves little girls so when I told him that I had two tiny little pretty ones here he was on his way over practically before I even finished my sentence! When he got here I showed him those two little dolls and he was immediately rock hard, he told me to strip them naked and show them how to suck his dick. Mmmmm he was so hard, I was gagging on it and showing those girls how to deepthroat it, just sucking his dick was making me so horny! But when he shoved his cock down one of those little whore’s throats it got me so excited that I had to rub my clitty and make myself cum while I watched! He was so forceful and rough with her, it was so hot to watch but even better when he made me sit on her face and hold her down so he could fuck her little cunt. The vibrations of her screams had me cumming all over her face while John fucked her, he had her split open and was ramming her deep, it was the sexiest thing I had ever seen in my life! He didn’t want to leave that other whore out tho, he made her come over so he could shove his dick in her tiny little asshole and make her scream as loud as her sister did. It was really the best night ever!

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