Dirty Talking Women are the Hottest

dirty talking womenDirty talking women come in all shapes and sizes. I look like the girl next door, but this sexy BBW is as dirty as they come. I love married men. I am not sure marriage is for me. I like to fuck too many different guys. Married men don’t want to marry me, however. They want to spoil me and fuck me. How can I not like that? It works well for us both because I get fucked and pampered and the dude gets to cum someplace other than his hand. I have a few married sugar daddies.  I rotate them throughout the week. Last night, I spent time with my married neighbor. He is nothing all that special to look at. His wife treats him like a bitch. But guess what? He adores me. What woman doesn’t want a man who adores her? He buys me gift cards and sexy lingerie. He spends hours between my legs eating my pussy. He even licks my ass. A lot of men aren’t fond of eating pussy, which is bullshit if you ask me. If I am going to swallow your rod forever and drink your cum; you better eat my pussy and act like you love it. I cum so hard when a married lover eats me out, especially when it is clear he loves doing it too. Think about it. You love it when a woman shows enthusiasm giving you head, right? I use my tits, mouth and hands when giving head. I lock eyes with the man too. I moan and tell him his cock is huge, even when it is average. I want him to feel special. It isn’t asking too much for the same in return. My married lover from last night made me feel special for hours. Not only did I cum many times, but I gave back to him tenfold. I hope we can have some dirty chat. I would love to worship your cock while you worship my pussy.

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dirty chat

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