Dirty Talking Women are The Hottest

dirty talking womenWho doesn’t enjoy dirty talking women? I am a stay at home mommy with a foul mouth and a dirty mind. I fuck my little ones and my not so little ones. I am lucky enough to have two sets of brats from two vastly different men. Hubby number two is half my age, but enjoys the real me. Who is that? A P mommy who likes to say cunt. I love the word cunt. Cunt. Cunt. Cunt. Cunt. I don’t know why women get offended by the word. My first husband had a fit if I said shit, so you can only imagine what happened when I said cunt, cock or pussy. Hubby number two loves my dirty talk. He watches me fuck our sons and strokes his dick as I tell them to eat mommy’s snatch or fuck mommy’s cunt. Did your mommy ever talk dirty with you? They are just words. Bedroom talk is hot. Prim and proper speech doesn’t belong in the bedroom. Last night, I got to listen to my little ones talk dirty to me and it made my mommy pussy so wet. My three young lads stormed into our bedroom and announced, ” We want to fuck mommy’s cunt.”Daddy moved over and let his three little darlings ravage my fuck holes. I have three holes for a reason, right? Might as well take a dick of any size up them all at once. My husband was jacking his man cock over my face as his progeny fucked me hard. I love my fuck holes covered in cum. Actually last night, my faced was covered in my husband’s spunk, my ass and cunt were flowing like a river with boy jizz and my belly was full of it too. If I said penis, vagina and ejaculate, that story would not have been as hot!

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dirty phone talk


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