dirty talking women are the life of the party

Dirty talking women

dirty talking women are the life of the party! My friend Daisy and I ended up having a scissor fest right in front of all the college boys. They are older with an appetite for hot sex, and we are younger with a need for older guys who can fuck us silly. You know we would not leave the party without making a lasting impression. We had all the guys with their rock-hard cocks ready to burst out of their pants. We wanted them to know we were not too young to hang. They knew we meant business when we stripped down for them and let them all watch us get all handsy.

They looked at us and couldn’t stop watching us be nasty whores. I cant blame any man who wants to see too hot, barely legal sluts kissing and caressing each other. My supple young breast in her hands, my mouth on hers, and we kept it going to till we ended up fucking in front of each of them. They all wanted our numbers and some of our time.

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