Dirty Talking Women are the Most Fun

dirty talking womenDo I look like a dirty talking woman? I hope you said yes because dirty talking women are the best. I was born and raised in a trailer park in rural West Virginia. But I got lucky. I married very well. My husband likes redneck women. Women who do and say anything. Women who do not subscribe to societal norms of female behavior.

He took me out of the trailer park and put me in a gated community in California. Cleaned me up, gave me an allowance and permission to be as slutty as I want to be. Talk about winning the lottery. Last week he had this fancy pool party for some of his clients. I was doing lines of coke and walking around in a tiny bikini.

His clients loved me. Well, they loved my smoking hot body and my no taboo phone sex mind. When I do coke, I get extra horny. So, I walked around offering men blowjobs and beer. What man turns down free head from a trashy MILF? None. A blowjob is not cheating anyway. All my husband’s clients lined up by the pool so I could suck their dicks.

I Have No Shame. I Love Being a No Limits Whore

My husband encouraged them to accept more than just head from me too. I love anal sex too. Although this may have not been the right setting for me to act like a whore, my husband egged me on once he saw how much his clients loved me. He knows he won the lottery with me. But he saved me from a rural poor life in the sticks of West Virginia. If he had told me to be on good behavior, I would have listened to him. But he loves me being a whore.

I turned his boring pool party into an orgy. Well, maybe more like a gang bang since I was the only woman there. This milf phone sex whore felt like Cinderella at the ball. All eyes were on me. And I got to fuck and suck every guy there.

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